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07 Dec 2012 
ARD campaign coordinator, Videanu said Thursday in a press conference that Ponta is "a disgrace to all prosecutors in the country", "dishonest man" who has blackmailed in 2002 a fellow prosecutor Panait, causing him to commit suicide by threats.
"Mr. Ponta is a disgrace to all prosecutors in this country, because it is a dishonest man, a man who had blackmailed a colleague of his, and will remember the prosecutor Panait., In 2002, when Ponta act as the chief Government Control Corps, was involved in the action that the prosecutor held even by threats led him to commit suicide. Perhaps future history will bring to your attention this case quite suspicious, "said Videanu, according to AFP .

Videanu made these statements about statements asked Victor Ponta who invited the DNA.

He added that Ponta is "a man without honor who lies all the time and a man's conscience burdened by efforts made ​​on a colleague or".

Videanu said Ponta not a moral to speak for prosecutors because state prosecutors are lawyers, people who defend the truth in this country, and "Ponta supermincinos as national, could not meet these qualities."

Asked about the evidence they have, Videanu said: "The evidence is in the press time. Was reading on the internet lately. These things are absolutely suspicious and I think it should be carefully analyzed what happened to this young prosecutor in 2002. Ponta I believe that consciousness is charged ".

On April 10, 2002, the prosecutor Cristian Panait, who was 29 years old, jumped from the second floor of the building where he lived. On April 11, 2002, the prosecutor to death Floreasca Emergency Hospital where he was admitted after he jumped from the floor. The next day, the Supreme Court Prosecutor prosecutor Panait advance the hypothesis suicide, saying that "the death occurred due to serious injuries sustained by falling from heights, amid a suicidal episode."

He worked in the bench four years and ten months.

Prosecutor Christian until he was investigator who organized search of home Oradea prosecutor Alexander Lele - prosecuted for corruption - in the afternoon of March 27, 2002. The action never took place because Lele summoned to his home a group of friends from local television, which led investigators raid shot up.

The prosecutor asked journalists to leave the house, saying their presence is not justified under the law, but Orădeană Alexander Lele has insisted they stay. Registering discussion, broadcast on the same evening local TV station showed how Christian until he became irritable and Lele charged as obstructing an official investigation and even outrage at the police present, because the prosecutor Oradea locked the door and invited repeatedly to continue the search.

Finally, until he decided that the search can not be carried out and left the house, along with officers PGI. The next day, the team from Bucharest - led by Attorney Ovidius Peacock - left Oradea, Lele's hearings continued in Bucharest. After several years, the Supreme Court Prosecutor's DNA and he was acquitted of criminal prosecution prosecutor Alexander Lele Bihor.

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07 Dec 2012 
ARD campaign spokesman, Traian Ungureanu said Thursday that Victor Ponta and Mircea Dusa should resign after BEC officially announced that there are 18 million voters and Ponta held in the summer they are less 2 - 3 million voters.
Traian Ungureanu said in a press conference that formally BEC came to the conclusion that there are 18 million voters and Victor Ponta "reached its greatest shame you can live a novel before the Romans" .

"Ponta is the man who caused the ordeal she went through the whole Romanian nation when he forged said all along that we are more than 2, 3, 4000000, deleting millions of rights that did not do anything wrong . For this, Victor Ponta should resign today. A man who can afford to falsify the number of Romanians, to make the game for months, has to go. Ponta is a prime minister, but first opponent of the Romans " , Traian Ungureanu said, according to AFP .

He said the Interior Ministry also carries serious liability because it had to announce data on the number of voters, and not to do so BEC, civil society and the pressures of ARD.

"MAI also carries serious liability, because these data should not only reach BEC civil society pressure, the pressure ARD, the Romans who wanted to know this information. And Interior Minister should follow Mr. Ponta unemployed.'s a shame, humiliation live arrived in Romania under a USL government under a government that produces only unemployment, lies and hatred, "said Ungureanu.

Total number of voters for the parliamentary elections Sunday is 18,248,414, according to data released by the Central Electoral Commission.

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07 Dec 2012 
Liberal Deputy Secretary Dan Mihalache, announced Thursday that the Department of USL communication sent by e-mail and President Traian Basescu Union campaign message list, adding that the president will have to answer to the public "the 15 robberies of government PDL ".

UP alleged that shows "a fresh product of political messages USL" which were submitted including the head of state to the e-mail address of Traian Basescu.

"Not that Traian Basescu would not matter, it does not matter, there is nothing neither PD nor the Right Alliance Romania (...) but we see that in this campaign mainly fight with Mr. Traian Basescu, not PD or ARD, because they practically no public communication space, "said UP, according to AFP .

Deputy Secretary General of the Liberal Party head of state invited to comment and respond on "the 15 robberies of PDL government" that would be "equally responsible" UP Hidroelectrica listing Oltchim, HRD, NARMPP, Romanian Cultural Institute , the Romanian Post, NAFA, CNAS, Ministry of Economy, National Coal Company, PNDI, Department for Romanians everywhere, CNADNR.

President Traian Basescu presented on Wednesday, several papers which said posts of "message-box" USL, saying that his name appears in 25 times a day, and the day after was mentioned 19 times.

Asked where he got these scores USL, President Traian Basescu said that it has received its official mail because it was sent from the USL and they were able to send them directly, although he still would have obtained and the "others".

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10 Nov 2012 
"Obama seems like a nice man. Herein lies the problem ..." Julian Assange said in a statement over the phone from Ecuador Embassy in London.

"It would have been better to be a wolf disguised as a lamb than a wolf disguised as a lamb. All actions against WikiLeaks were initiated by the Obama administration," he said, quoted by AFP.

Julian Assange has blamed Republican opponents were not "effective opposition" to the Democratic administration in Washington

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10 Nov 2012 
To become, but the latest U.S. state, the consent of Congress, informs

President Barack Obama said he would respect the decision of the archipelago inhabitants. Presently, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, its citizens unrestricted travel on American soil and the official currency is the dollar. However, Puerto Ricans are not represented by senators in Congress, but Washington sent a delegate without voting.

This is the fourth referendum of its kind in the last 45 years, and turnout was about 80%. After almost all the votes were counted, 54% of voters voted to change the relationship between San Juan and Washington.

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